Around The World In 80 Days Essay

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Around the World in 80 Days Reading Diary's DanQC Pages 1-40: (Pg. 1) Story is set in 1872 (Pg. 2) Introduced to Phileas Fogg an English man (Pg. 6) Jean Passeportout a French man is hired as Phileas's servant (Pg.22) Phileas makes a deal with Stuart, Fallentin, Sullivan and Flanagon saying that he can travel around the world in 80 days (Pg. 28) Deal is set, if Phileas returns on Saturday December 21st, 1872 at 8:45 p.m he will receive 20 thousand pounds (Pg. 32) Phileas and Passeportout abort the Mongolia in London and are headed towards Suez. (Pg. 33) Phileas is accused of a robbery, there is now a warrant out for his arrest Pages 41-80: (Pg. 42) Mr. Fix aborts the Mongolia as it is his duty to arrest Phileas of the robbery (Pg. 46) Phileas and Passeportout arrive in Suez (Pg. 50) Phileas talks to Passeportout about the journey, next destination is Bombay (Pg's. 58-60) Mongolia makes a 4 hour stop at Steamer Point to coal up, after coaling up, it takes a quick route along the Indian Ocean to get back on track. (Pg's. 62-64) Arrived in Bombay, Phileas and Passeportout are served rabbit for dinner, Phileas thinks their cuisine is morbid (Pg's. 66-68) Phileas and Passeportout go to the Parsee Carnival, Passeportout goes into a religious Indian temple and gets kicked out, Mr. Fix witnesses this and sets out a warrant for Passeportout because he broke religious rules (Pg. 70) Phileas and Passeportout get tickets to travel on the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (Pg. 78) Phileas announces that their next destination is Hong Kong Pages 81-120: (Pg. 81) Passeportout looks for an elephant for a method of transportation (Pg. 83) Made a deal to buy an elephant for 2000 pounds. The elephants name is Kiouni (Pg. 92) Aouda is introduced she is an Indian lady, she travels along with Phileas and Passeportout (Pg. 100) On their journey, Phileas,

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