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The day every 3rd year students had been preparing for the whole time after the midterm examination. The Hotel and Restaurant Management Department’s “Around the World Cuisine”. This is one of the big events for all the HRM students and so all of us worked really hard for this. We started off with planning the layout of our venue. We started off simple and ended up the same. The next thing we took care of were the tickets and at the same time, souvenirs for the guests that have bought it after the making of it in exchange for the international food we served. All the groups of the third level of the HRM department had the chance to pick a country that they will represent for the event and for us, we were tasked to pick either Japan or South Korea. Although I wanted us to represent South Korea, we decided to represent Japan because the ingredients for the food of Japanese cuisine weren’t that difficult to find here in the province. On the actual day of the event, everyone was really busy. Some looked so tired that they couldn’t even hide it with a smile anymore but they still kept on serving their guests. As for us, we were dead tired too, but as a server, we shouldn’t let the guests see that. We were all smiles to all of our guests and even to the guests that wasn’t supposed to be in our area. Almost everyone who passed by our booth had to stop and say that our booth was one of the most beautiful out of 14 other booths. Some people took a picture with us too. Some of them said that “We really brought out the Japanese aura”. It was nice that they all appreciated our effort in wearing kimonos and yukata and the effort of setting the venue up

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