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Around the world. As Brazilian economy is rising lately, lots of students from Brazil are studying abroad in colleges, high schools and even in elementary schools in the USA and most of them love it after a short period of time. In the beginning as every new experience in life it tends to be difficult because students had never been in a similar situation before. So students miss their native country and the culture they were used to live daily, so most of them think about going back to Brazil. During the first hard weeks students tend to call their parents hoping to hear some comforting words that only parents can say to their children. The main reason Brazilian students tell their parents they are having a hard time abroad is because it is hard to make friends in the USA compared to Brazil. One of the most different behaviors between Brazilians and Americans is the way of making new friends. In my opinion Brazilians make friends easily because of the way we act, for example; we are always trying to help when someone is crying or having a problem even if we do not know the person. Also after talking to someone for the first time we already consider that person a friend and in the next time Brazilians are already hugging that person and talking about their own lives. We also never take personal when someone says we have an accent, or we do not speak English very good, we just laugh about the situation. For example in the beginning of this semester I was paying for some clothes I decided to buy in a store in a shopping mall with my friends so the cashier asked me my birthdate to complete my register in the store website and I answered ‘’yes’’ because I did not understand the question; right after my answer all of my friends and also the cashier started laughing at me. I did not know why they were laughing but I realized they were laughing about me so I started

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