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Arnold Schwarzenegger Most people successfully pursue one or two careers throughout their lives. By the age of fifty-six, Arnold Schwarzenegger had tackled at least three—bodybuilding, acting, and politics. It is difficult to break into any one of these professions, yet Schwarzenegger managed to excel in each and every one. He earned thirteen world bodybuilding championships, is considered one of the most influential actors in Hollywood, and, in 2003, without ever running for political office before, he became the governor of California. If Schwarzenegger had listened to his many critics along the way, he never would have succeeded. However, with discipline, determination, and drive, he proved that an Austrian-born immigrant can achieve the American dream. Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947, in the tiny village of Thal, just outside of Graz, Austria. He decided on a career in body building at the age of 15. After a three-year apprenticeship with a construction firm in Graz. In 1965, after he graduated from high school, Schwarzenegger joined the Austrian army at the age of 18 for a year of mandatory service. Just one month after enlisting, he won his first bodybuilding title, Mr. Junior Europe. The competition was held in Germany, and Schwarzenegger had left his army base without permission to compete. As a result, he spent the next year in the brig, which is a holding area for people in the military who have committed offenses. After he left the army he took a job managing a Munich gym. He trained five hours a day and used steroids, as was common. In 1966 he was named Mr. Germany, Mr. Europe, Best-Built Man of Europe, and International Powerlifting Champion. His grueling schedule paid off in 1967, when, at the age of twenty, Schwarzenegger won his first Mr. Universe title. Schwarzenegger arrived in the United

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