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AETV-THU-S-C June 24, 2009 MEMORANDUM FOR SEE DISTRIBUTION SUBJECT: Facilities Maintenance and Energy Conservation SOP 1. References A) CAM REG 420-1 Army Facilities Management B) CAM REG 420-5, Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection and Facilities Maintenance Program. 2. Purpose. The purpose of this SOP is to prescribe policies, procedures, responsibilities, and to set standards governing the facilities maintenance programs, environmental protection, and energy conservation program. 3. Applicability. This SOP applies to Bravo Company 426th BSB 4. General. In support of Fort Campbell and Army-wide programs to conserve all forms of energy, the goal of this unit is to insure that essential requirements of heat, air-conditioning, light, electric power, water, and man power are provided with a minimum of waste, and that the unit personnel are aware of the cost of providing and maintaining these services. The object of the unit FMT, and all other members of the unit, is to minimize the cost of repairing and maintaining barracks, motor pool, dayroom, and the administrative areas which troops occupy or use. 5. Responsibilities. A. Company Commander 1. Appoint, on orders, the Energy Conservation/ Facilities Maintenance Officer or NCO 2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the program and recommend corrective action to the Energy Conservation/ Facilities Maintenance Officer or NCO 3. Establish and conduct comprehensive inspection program. 4. Appoint, on orders, (one responsible Soldier in the company) as the company Facilities Maintenance Technician, is school trained, and is allowed sufficient time to adequately perform duties. 5. Appoint, on orders, section/platoon Facilities Maintenance Area Managers that are directly

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