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October 16th 2004 Matthew McInelly Rita Kats TGE 100W-03 10-11-2009 (discretion advised this material contains graphic narration of combat situations, injuries and death) OCTOBER 16TH 2004 As I slide on my flak vest checking my ammo and weapon for the next mission briefing, I cant help but feel a little burned out. I’m tired, sluggish, and a little fed up with the whole army bullshit. I’ve been stuck in this damn desert for a year and a half, probably more. I was suppose to go home with my last unit when they mobilized to return to their home station, but the clerks doing the processing found my assignment orders. They contacted the unit Commander of the unit I would be assigned to and found that they themselves would…show more content…
Stains stretch the whole length from roof all the way down to the ground and a little onto the pavement in which the tent was erected on. We all get seated on what I assume the Army tried really hard to find the hardest and most uncomfortable chairs anyone has ever sat upon. The briefing commenced with SSgt. Brown giving the generals of the mission. From what I paid attention to it was to be a routine walking patrol around the main shopping market in a town out side of Falluchia. The town was named Al Ramadii. It would be my first time in this town. The briefing like all Army briefings, lasted much longer then than it should have. It would have been faster to watch two sea turtles in a land race of a quarter mile. As we finish the briefing and start to mount up in to our M 923 hummvees that have recently been up-armored from the 80 billion dollars of President Bush’s Soldiers Bill, and when I say up-armor I mean that we took some precut scrap metal and bolted it to the doors. Everyone mounted up and we headed out in three hummvees for the gates of Camp…show more content…
The patrols main objective is to secure a heavy populace area from any terrorist attacks conducted against the civilian populace. As SSgt. Brown describes we are to patrol from the Northwest corner of the market in a straight linear formation all the way to the Southeast corner, turn West and patrol the Southern border of market. After reaching the Southwest corner we then turn northeast and patrol to the northeast corner, then turn west again and patrol the northern border all the way to this return rally point. While in route here radio contact will be made to have evac at rally point for extraction and return to base. Once all the questions were out of the way we formed up into our patrol positions. First, point man was Spc. Meeks. Behind him were the two wing men, myself and Pfc. Madigan. Demo was Spc. Hemrick. Behind him was SSgt. Brown Squad leader. His radio men were my room mate Spc. Hodkins, and secondary radio Pvt. Holt. Bringing up the rear were are two flanker Spc. Waldrop and Pv2 Johansson. And at the very end our anchor man Spc. Gwinn. With the squad all organized and ready we started heading out on a mission that for some of us we would remember for the rest of our lives, and for others it would be the end of

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