Arms Essay

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The history of guns dates back to the Chinese when they found that gun power could be used in rocket also know as fireworks. Not in till Marko Polo went and brought back the wonders of the east was the gunpowder used as a weapon. The English where the first to refine gunpowder in to a more volatile form which they used in cannons and outer outdated forms of guns like the 2-man handgun. A gun is a weapon that uses the force of an explosive propellant to project a missile. The rifle and the shotgun are both long-barreled weapons used for long-range shooting; the pistol has a shorter barrel and is accurate only at relatively short ranges. The revolver has a revolving barrel that allows repeat firing. The machine gun is an automatic firearm, the first of a line of weapons including assault rifles and submachine guns. The parts of the guns include the barrel where the bullet exits the gun. The action where the mechanical parts moves releasing the bullet and loading the next. The trigger the part that controls when the action will be triggered. The safety this is a switch that prevents the gun from accidentally being fired. The term “action” refers to characteristics of the mechanism that actually fires the cartridge, commonly, but incorrectly, called the bullets, or the one that controls the way the cartridge are loaded into the firing chamber and the empty cases are removed. Some actions are peculiar to the type of firearm, like single action and double action in revolvers. Some others multiple types Bolt, Pump, Semiautomatic, lever and automatic. Firearm can be categorizes by their different uses. One broad category of firearms is Handguns, which are guns designed to be held in one hand, and includes pistols, semiautomatic handguns, machine pistols, revolvers and derringers. Another broad category of firearms is long guns, sometime called shoulder guns, which

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