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The Declaration of Independence: A Global History | August 12 2013 | ‘David Armitage takes a completely new view into the Declaration of Independence’ (Katz 2008) | Book Review by Matthew Parkinson No. 17829162 | Summary: The declaration of independence: a global history, written by David Armitage, is a well written, very informative book about the Declaration of Independence. In this book, Armitage discusses the importance of the declaration to America, and the effect/influence the declaration had on the rest of the world. Armitage examines the Declaration of Independence as being a legal, political and intellectual document. Armitage discusses the role that the Declaration has played in creating a world of states out of a world of empires. The book begins with a detailed introduction about the declaration of independence followed by three chapters, which include the world in the declaration of independence, the declaration of independence in the world, and a world of declarations. Amitage continually expresses that the declaration of independence was not created just to seek independence from Britain, but to also set guidelines and principles for the future of America. Armitages introduction sets the scene for the book. Armitage informs us how important the declaration is to not only America but also the world. In the introduction “Armitage argues that the Declaration was a document of ‘state-making, not of nation formation’; that, accordingly, the Declaration is primarily addressed to the rights of states within the international order rather than of individuals” (Bowles 2009). The first chapter of Amitages’ book titled ‘The world in the declaration of Independence’ discusses the importance of the declaration. Armitage outlines the five parts in which the declaration fell into. These include the Introduction, Preamble, The Indictment of King George

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