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Armand Bombardier (inventor of the snowmobile) Joseph-Armand Bombardier was born in 1907. Armand was into mechanics at an early age when he made small locomotives, toy tractors and boats. At 17, Armand became an apprentice mechanic before heading to Montreal to study electrical and mechanical engineering. In 1929, he married Yvonne and soon after he lost his son to peritonitis because the family failed to get means to the hospital in time. That challenged him to find a mean of transport in snow winter. In 1935, Armand assembled a vehicle that ran on caterpillar tracks. In 1937, he brought a seven-seat B7 snowmobile to the market. Armand gradually converted his garage to a manufacturing company that designed all-terrain vehicles with major success in the Muskeg tractor. In 1959, he delivered the first Ski-doo whose recreational use ensured the company’s prosperity after Armand’s death in 1964 (Canadian Encyclopedia). Bombardier was born in Valcourt on 1907. In his teenage stage, he was fascinated with mechanics. By 1930, he had developed a successful machine that was driven by tracks. In 1937, he designed a vehicle with steerable skis. In 1942, he started a company to manufacture his tracked vehicles (MacDonald, 2012). In 1947, he delivered a 12-passenger snow machine. In 1958, Bombardier introduced a sports machine, the ski-Doo. The father of snowmobiling died in 1964 at Sherbrooke. The achievements in snowmobiling have not gone without critics. “With the proper attitude, Bombardier’s brainchild can be a superb way to enjoy the winter” (Lundberg). According to Kearney and Randy (143-145) at 14 Bombardier made toy tractors and locomotives from sewing machines and old clocks. In 1922, he made his first snowmobile that was a four- passenger frame. The snowmobile made its way through Quebec where he was born in 1907. Two years later, he dropped out from the seminary

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