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Emmanuel Foskey Jennifer Neschke English 101 April 2, 2013 The History of Arkport, New York There are a lot of sayings about New York, but the one that was most familiar was “I love New York”. One must have lived in Arkport to have coin this saying. It was a place where one wants to leave as a child, but ones heart brings one back when one becomes an adult. Arkport is a small town in Upstate New York. It is located in the Finger Lakes region of the state, about two hours south of Buffalo New York. Arkport has .69 square miles of land area, with a population of 844 people which has grown 1.44% since 2000. The average income in Arkport is 46,375 it also has grown 27.93% since 2000. This growth is higher than the state average by about 3.14%. The public school district that covers Arkport is better than the state average in quality…show more content…
Each spring when the waters were high, the area farmers would bring their crops, livestock, timber, and other items down the Canisteo River to Baltimore Md. On the “arks” built of pine trees and other lumber. The arks were loaded in fields, called ark yards, and then placed in the river. This continued for years until around 1825 when the Erie Canal was built, and then it became more effective to ship the goods via the canal. With that Christopher Hurlbut gave his little town the name “Ark-Port” In the latter half of the 19th century, farmers began draining the swampy marsh north of the village and it became fertile land. These several hundred acres of rich farm land brought many families to the area of whose decedents still call Arkport home. The village was incorporated in 1913 and there have been many changes over the years. Many of the names of families have remained in Arkport over the years, because people chose to live the good life of small town living in rural

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