Arizona’s Immigration Law Essay

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Arizona’s Immigration Law Arizona’s Immigration law Look up the state Arizona on the Internet many words come up such as the Grand Canyon or hot desert. The biggest thing that is affecting Arizona is illegal immigration. Like Texas and California, Arizona is one of the closes states to Mexico. Our state has had many issues with immigration and I’m sure for many years it has been going on. Just this past year a controversial law SB1070 was signed by Arizona’s governor, were local police have the power to stop anyone on reasonable suspicion that is an illegal immigrant. They have the right to arrest them if they don’t have any documentation such as a driver’s license, work permit, or resident card that shows legal status. The biggest objection of this law is racial profiling and how police can just arrest anyone by race or culture. Arizona population for Illegal’s is an estimate amount of a half a million people. The estimate of people could have been around for years since youth or with in the past few years. The reason people from Mexico come to the United States is for better life and to work for their families. In Mexico the economy always has been bad with no jobs, or hard work with very little pay. Because of the headlines on newspapers or on TV news stations the heated argument is that Mexicans bring drugs to the United States, they are criminals that steal and murder, and use the government system for money and foods stamps. In every culture or race there are good and bad people. I’m not saying that Mexicans don’t do this, I’m sure some do, but the point is that just because one does it not all do. Citizens born in the U.S. are also people who do drugs, murder, and steal as well, so it not right to put the blame just on one race. When there are bad people it is because they are a bad person not the whole entire race. It is

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