Arizona’s Immigration Law Essay

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Arizona’s Immigration Law If you attend a baseball game and then halfway through the game you attempt to relocate to a better seat, only to by caught by event security, they are not discriminating against you, but enforcing the rules already in place by the stadium. The Arizona Immigration law mirrors the event security by enforcing the laws already in place by the federal government. The Arizona Immigration law should be enacted as well as individual states shall have the authority to enact their own immigration laws. On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed Arizona State Senate bill 1070 into law. This law is known as the Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act. The House Bill 2162 signed on April 30, 2010, which added additional immigration related provisions, amended bill 1070. “The provisions of this act are intended to work together to discourage and deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens and economic activity by persons unlawfully present in the United States” (Senate bill 1070, 2010). The key provisions under the Arizona Immigration law make it a crime under state law to be in the United States illegally by requiring all immigrants to have proof of their immigration status. In addition, it requires police officers to determine immigration status if reasonable suspicion exists per the individual in question. The law makes it a state crime for an illegal immigrant to seek or hold employment and allows police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants without a warrant. While these four key provisions are currently under review by the Supreme Court, controversy behind the bill such as racial profiling and the legal requirements for the determination of reasonable suspicion have been debatable topics for those whom oppose the bill. The controversial topics of the Arizona immigration problems lead to the question

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