Arizona Immigration Law Essay

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Arizona Immigration Law “What are the problems with immigration”, many people are currently asking. Over the last decade Immigration has been a controversial subject throughout the United States. It has caused a great stir within the Western part of the United States, where border patrols and security has created conflict between the federal and state governments. However, it has also created a tension between residents of these border towns and immigrants who are perceived to be taking away scarce resources from them. America as the land of opportunity and the melting pot of different cultures has come unto a lot of strain in the last decade as a result of problems caused by immigration. The issue of immigration took center stage in national politics when in 2009 Arizona passed a set of Immigration laws. According to a New York Times article this bill which was pushed by state senator Russell Pearce, consists of many issues concerning immigration. This bill requires active policemen to hold people they think are living in the United States of America without proper documentation. People who decide not to show their legal status results in investigation, police officers have the right to search records or furthermore request for medical treatment. Also not carrying immigration is considered a state crime, a misdemeanor. As well, people are allowed to sue local governments or agencies if they think law is not being enforced (Archibold). The Arizona law should not be passed because it undermines basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and our communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe. According to proponents of the law, it will help curtail the rising violence in the state of Arizona caused by the presence of Hispanic gangs. Life in Arizona without the Immigration Law’s would be difficult. The Arizona

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