Arizona Immigration Law Essay

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Arizona Acts in Accordance with Americans Illegal immigration has long been a problem for the United States. The most common route of entrance into the U.S. by immigrants the past few decades has been the U.S. - Mexican border. Entering the country legally takes more time and therefore, the process of naturalization is undermined through illegal immigration. Naturalization is the process by which foreign citizens gain citizenship through the fulfillment of the requirements set by the United States Congress (United States 1). Until recently, the laws in place against illegal immigration have not been strictly enforced. Arizona’s new immigration law, Senate Bill 1070 (SB 1070), enforces the severity of the problem of illegal immigration and is an effective way to deter immigrants from illegally entering the United States. Ben Robinson’s essay, “Demoralization with Immigration,” discusses the Arizona immigration law and the burden that it places on all Arizona residents to carry their proof of citizenship on them at all times. Robinson suggests that this new Arizona law encourages racial profiling and discrimination. However, he fails to mention that in Senate Bill 1070 it is stated that only those people who are suspected of a crime or in any other violation of the law will be asked to show identification with regards to immigrant status. Moreover, the “Guide for New Immigrants” issued by the United States government states that it is the responsibility of the legal immigrant to “carry proof of your permanent resident status at all times,” (United States 8). Therefore, it should not be an inconvenience for legal immigrants to produce identification if requested, just as anyone else would be responsible for producing identification if found in violation of a law. Also Robinson claims that immigration law, “Threatens the constitutional right of human beings,” (1)

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