Arizona Immigration Law Essay

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29 July 2010 Arizona Immigration Law: An Annotated Bibliography Bolton, Alexander. "GOP facing dilemma on Arizona law. (cover story)." Web. Hill 22 June 2010. In this article, Bolton discusses the ramifications of the lawsuit being filed by the Obama administration. It will be a hot topic in the midterm elections and some Republicans stand to gain from the negative publicity the Democrats are likely to receive over the lawsuit. A majority of Americans favor the Arizona law and disapprove of the lawsuit against Arizona. Bolton writes this article supporting Republicans. He uses logos to point out facts about the disapproval of the lawsuit and shows how the Democrats could lose ground in the Congress. He uses testimony from mostly Republicans to show his biased view on how Democrats are mistaken to support the lawsuit. I will not use text from this article in my essay because it does not reveal any pertinent facts about the Arizona law. It merely discusses what might happen in the elections between democrats and republicans. There is no real issue discussed in this article other than who supports what and how that might affect the outcome of the elections. Bybee, Roger. “Americans Are Mostly Blind to Mexican Workers Plight. Will Ariz. Law Trigger Change?” Working In These Times. 27 April 2010. Print. In this article, Bybee discusses how the American people are uninformed or misled by politicians who demonize Mexican immigrants for stealing American jobs. He also argues how NAFTA and Corporate America may be to blame for immigration problems due to economic conditions left behind in Mexico. Bybee provides an independent bias on the Arizona law but is supportive of the labor movement on both sides of the border. He uses logos and pathos to engage his audience to consider that the immigration problem may be self inflicted by the economic policies of the U.S.

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