Aritcles of Confderation Essay

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Nitin Sobti Apush Summer essay 9/1/2013 Under the Articles of Confederation, the United States of America was in mayhem. The federal government had very petite power compared to the grandiose power of the states and the federal government could not get anything done without being abruptly challenged. Something had to be done so immediately the constitutional convention was called and out came the document our government lives by today, the United States constitution. The constitution unlike the articles gave much more power to the Federal government then before and in return, the power of the states diminished. Of course, it would seem in this situation that the federalists won and demolished the anti-federalists by removing all the power from the states. However, the anti-federalists would not let their power be taken away so easily and demanded the Bill of Rights be attached to protect state rights. Today from the point of the 21st century even though states lost most of their power that day I believe they still retained enough to make major decisions today such as, marriage rights, medical programs and taxes. Today one of the biggest political discussions you here on the streets is marriage rights for gays. Some people believe gay couples should receive the same rights as a straight couple but many see differently. This major issue has swept the U.S.A and today you can see outright anyone given his or her side on national TV. The final say in this argument is not what the federal government wants but what each separate wants. There are 13 states right now who have legalized gay marriage and 35 states who have banned it with two-left undecided. The federal government has no say in this argument and clearly, it is what the state government wants. This power is huge because it not only is a government issue but it’s an issue that lays right in the

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