Aristotle's Regime Of The America Analysis

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Aristotle’s Regime of The Americans Aristotle’s Regime of the Americans depicts his strong identifications of the government rule. He creates a philosophical view of the strengths and weaknesses of the American government. Through the use of descriptive language Aristotle expresses why he believes that though Americans have thrown out the monarchy they are still portraying it in there so-called “democracy”. America is thought to be the land of the free but in Aristotle’s Regime of the Americans we quickly learn that we are not as free as we are thought to be. Aristotle believes that our three offices of the senate, the assembly, and the courts which are supposed to represent democracy are in fact monarchs. Ironically we overthrew our mother country because we believed that monarchs caused tyranny. Aristotle explains that our presidents, governors, and mayors are in fact our Monarchs. He explains that these people are a type of monarch because they hold powerful office in which one man is in charge of many problems of a public concern. Aristotle uncovers that tyranny still takes place in this alleged “free country”. Aristotle beings to unravel the tyranny by explaining that…show more content…
However, Aristotle actually illustrates how the separation of powers actually contributes to those in the powerful standpoint remain at a powerful standpoint. They created this structure of separation of powers to make the citizens believe that they could not abuse their power while in fact they are all linked together in their higher power and all friends. Therefore, they are still in some way or form abusing their power. Aristotle believes the only to avoid this abuse of power would be to divide the office not only from one another but in different parts of society so that not only the rich can be a part of it but the lower class
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