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These days women are going against what tradition has taught them and embracing their bodies in ways that would most certainly shock the women of earlier eras. But shock is not necessarily a bad thing. Shock has been the reaction to almost every major change or event in history. But if you asked Ariel Levy, author of Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, she would say this is a little too shocking, a little too raunchy. Levy believes “the only sign of sexuality we seem to be able to recognize is a direct allusion to red-light entertainment” (26) because of the glamorization of women who promote sexual behavior. By looking up to women that advertise their naughty bits as items for sale, Levy claims we are undoing all the work done by first and second-wave feminists by allowing men to see women as brainless objects for men’s entertainment and pleasure. Despite her claims of regression, women today have a higher success rate than any other time in history. Women can hold public office, become CEO’s, doctors, lawyers and own a business among many other professions; a very different world from thirty plus years ago when the feminist movement really took hold in society. The stigma attached to women who are overtly sexual is mostly perpetuated by people like Levy’s condemnation of the behavior. Women putting down and labeling other women for acting out their inner desires creates conflict between the opposing views on women’s rights and regresses the movement more than the “raunchy” acts themselves. Levy feels women have lost sight of the goal of feminism and are eroding it with their provocative clothing and promiscuous behavior. She even tags along with a Girls Gone Wild crew on spring break in Miami to gather research to support her stance on sexuality’s patriarchal standards (7). Levy documents the hypocrisy among the producers when they

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