Arguments In-Favor And Against

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Debra Crawford Factors in favor and against Would it help our American population to be in better shape if they would implement health insurance discounts or incentives for maintaining physical fitness? In favor: 1. If the government gives discounts for insurance more people could afford to have insurance coverage. 2. If they give discounts for being physical fit people would be more likely to get in shape. 3. The people being in better physical fitness will mean lower cost for the government due to health cost for overweight issues. 4. Less overweight people will mean lower health cost. 5. Discounts would give employers an incentive to offer employee’s a place to get physically fit 6. Being physically fit will help people to have less health issues such as high blood pressure. The main benefit of discounts for health insurance would make insurance more affordable for people that are physically fit. If the discounts were offered to people that were better physically fit it would give people an incentive to be more fit. People being more physically fit will mean less cost for doctor bills due to people being overweight. If employer’s was offered discounts on the employee’s insurance benefits due to physical fitness, they would offer the employees a fitness center. If the public would get more physically fit they would have less health issues such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Against: 1. There would be a higher cost due to issues of having to check people’s physical fitness. 2. The doctors would be busier due to everyone having to have a physical to get the discounts. 3. People would be trying to scam the system to get discounts they don’t deserve. 4. Insurance companies would have to cut cost so they could offer the discounts. 5. If our government was the
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