Arguments Against Women In Policing

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Women in Policing Rhonda C. Stroud CC1024D-9M Introduction to Criminal Justice Instructor John McCauley September 12, 2009 Women in Policing The first female police officer (who could actually make arrests) was, surprisingly enough, way back in 1910. Her name was Alice Stebbins Wells and she was stationed and in Los Angeles, California. Today only 16 percent of officers are women, out of that 16 percent only 11 percent are sworn officers. It has been a very difficult journey for women to be taken seriously, and the journey continues. Instead of being out on patrol, they usually ended up behind a desk somewhere; they were answering phones, filing papers, and typing (the usual administrative duties). It was common- place not to be considered for any kind of promotions. Things got somewhat better in 1964, the…show more content…
In some cases it is more than a mere formal rebuke. Unfortunately, police women suffer much more “on-the-job” stress than policemen do. Women actually make better police officers, when compared to their male counterparts. They also have a higher conviction rate than male officers do. They are received well by the public and it is more common for a male officer to receive a complaint of unsuitable behavior than females. According to studies, female officers would rather not use force in a situation whereas, a male officer might. Under pressure, women keep their cool better than men do with the public. Even today, only a third of male officers approve of a woman patrolling the streets, and more than half still think that they cannot handle themselves as well as men. Maybe it will get better for them someday, at least more tolerable I hope. Anyway, I personally could not deal with the stress of the job itself, much less the negativity and oppression being given by my
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