Arguments Against Welfare Testing

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Pro: Welfare Testing Intro: If it’s a working part in a grocery store or getting your big break and making it to the big time, then you have probably been drug tested before beginning your employment. It makes sense as no one wants to waste money on someone who will not perform to their best due to substance abuse. We the tax payers help the unfortunate citizens without jobs to get back on their feet again. However, there are those who like to abuse the system and use the funds to feed a drug habit instead of feeding and supplying themselves in order to survive until a job is found. This is not only a waste of money for us the tax payers, but it’s also dangerous to the receiver’s dependents. We need at least and initial drug testing program that will regulate that users will be less likely to abuse the welfare system and not abuse our tax payer’s dollars. This program will be given each term that the receiver applies for welfare aid. Summary: Kentucky Representative Jim DeCesare."It's important that we make sure that people who are getting special assistance from the state aren't using those funds that they're getting to purchase and buy drugs instead of food and other things they need for their families,". (Harmon, 2011) In March 2009, Brian Caldwell, a former welfare…show more content…
With this in place we can all breathe easier knowing where our tax dollars go. Sources: 1. Harmon, H. (2011). House bill: Drug testing to receive food stamps. Retrieved from 2. Porterfield, M. (2009, March 05). Ex-addict admits using food stamps to get drugs. Retrieved from 3. Medimpex. (n.d.). 14 panel drug test. Retrieved from

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