Arguments Against Libertarianism

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Eric Ren From the beginning of the establishment of political parties and their progress till today the range of ideas had been skimmed down to the left/right spectrum. It is either that you are a republican or a democrat nowadays. Most of the times their differences are so minuscule that it seems like both parties are of the same agenda. It is time that the people need to move away from big government politics that are supported by both the left and right. The argument for libertarianism and the free market should be accepted by those who are against the use of force in a society. I will argue that libertarianism is ethically, economically, and socially superior to that of the democrats and republicans. It is important to look at an important…show more content…
There are endless economic policies that the politicians agree on which fail the libertarian test of both the axiom of non-aggression and basic economics. Many of the politicians and politically active people of the left and right are economically ignorant. They do not consider each and every policy's long term effects on not just one groups of people but all the people. One of the well accepted economic policies of both the right and left is the minimum wage. The minimum wage is a form of coercion in which it forced employers to hire at an arbitrary price that otherwise wouldn't be used if not for the government's intervention. The minimum wage causes a few detrimental effects. By raising the minimum wage the employer would either have to fire workers because they cannot keep up with the wages or raise the prices of their products which don’t benefit the so called 99%. Another point is that there doesn't need to be a minimum wage because the superseded fear is that businesses will hire at super low wages caused by collusion. Well contrary to this popular belief the real world doesn't work this way at all. If it did then all baseball players would be paid the same salary but they don't because the owners of each respected team compete for the best players with the raising of salaries. Another example is that why do doctors get laid more than a janitor? Well because the doctor is more productive than a janitor and the
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