Arguments Against Illegal Immigrants

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As each year passes, our country is being slowly smothered and choked to death by illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants who come into the United States without visas and proper documentation used this to their advantage; they get to apply for jobs and get to avoid paying government taxes. Whereas hardworking immigrants who go through the long process of being admitted to this country are being discriminated against because they are immigrants. As Frank Alfonso states in USA Today, “Coming into the USA illegally is similar to cutting in front of a long supermarket line. There are immigrants who wish to obey the law. They applied for visas long before the throngs who are now demanding rights. It's time for those lawbreakers to start at the back of the line, too.”( Alfonso) I believe he is right and that this is uncalled for and in truth against the American value of no discrimination regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. Yet, these illegal immigrants have the audacity to say that they are in the right, and that they should not be screened and deported back to their country. In the article Immigrant activism taking a bold turn, there are many discussions on how illegal immigrants are boycotting businesses that…show more content…
They are upset that because of all the illegal immigrants their own rights are being suppressed because of the new laws being forced onto immigrants. As one states in this article, "We come here to work in the land of the free, but the best and the brightest of us are finding themselves prisoners of statutory walls," said Vivek Gupta, 39, a neuroradiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and a former medical resident at Yale University. "I have received awards for my teaching and skills, yet I am forbidden to get federal research grants, and I have to renew my visa year after year after year."

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