Arguments Against Hate Crimes

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Hate Crimes In the world there are several severe topics that need addressing such as hate crimes. A hate crime is any crime motivated by hate that targets a specific group, ethnicity, or race (The World Encyclopedia). There a very many viewpoints on this controversial topic such as people believing that laws need to be made to protect the targets of these crimes, while the other side says that if these laws are created it will create unequal protection among the population. Hate crimes are a very serious matter that people believe need to be addressed by creating laws to protect the victim and harshly prosecute the criminal. Lawyers and politicians believe that hate crimes occur so often that if laws of these sorts were passes crime rate would go down all together (Grigera 31-33). There are about 25,000 documented hate crimes that occur each year and experts believe that number would shrink to anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 if laws are created to severely punish the offender (Wilkinson 53-55). People who have been a victim or close to the victim of a hate crime believe that these crimes are pressing the government to create laws to protect victims against crimes of these…show more content…
Reporters commonly make the common population to view the controversy from there perspective that these groups are the main culprits of these crimes. The group that is most commonly blamed for these crimes is the KKK or Klu Klux Klan; they are a white supremacist group that dislikes all other races or ethnicities (Alister 103). Very serious crimes are committed by this group and reporters believe that it is very common in occurrence for this to happen. The people that have this viewpoint believe if a group that is as prominent as the KKK in these crimes goes away than all the smaller groups will also fade and crimes of these sorts will be less

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