Arguments Against Cold War

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The twentieth century proved to be a great time of advancements in technology. A person may ask their friend, “What was the greatest invention of the 1900s?” and the friend would respond, “Oh, I don’t know, the internet.” The question is though, what has humanity defaced in this century? Surely it is the safety of the world and it’s creatures. With the development of nuclear weapons in the mid-1900s, the human species successfully brought about the most dangerous threat the world has ever seen. Such a poor choice this was, to split the nuclei of atoms. When the U.S. developed the first atomic bomb in the 1940s, other countries soon followed. Relations with Russia had been strained since the 1890s, even as allies in the second world war, and as the United States and then Soviet Union began building stockpiles of nuclear weapons, tension broke out again. “"Cold war" is the term given to the competition, conducted through means short of direct military conflict, between the United States and the Soviet Union since World War II.”(Foner, p. 1). The threat of “mutually assured destruction” kept everyone on edge during this time, and has since lessened since the fall of the Soviet Union and end of the Cold War. Today, the U.S. and Russia “control about 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons“…show more content…
Also, radiation from tests with nuclear weapons killed many people and left lasting effects on uranium miners. Another negative effect of nuclear weapons: “The arms race has cost $5.5 trillion in the United States alone”(Verrengia,
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