Arguments Against Assisted Suicides

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Assisted Suicide: Fighting the Good Fight PHI200: Mind and Machine Assisted Suicide: Fighting the Good Fight Is assisted suicide right or is it wrong? Now that is a question worth asking. For the majority of my life, I could not believe that someone would or could even begin to think about helping a loved one die. This to me was something that was unforgivable. How a person can say they love someone and be willing to help in their death was just beyond me. For many people this is a topic of discussion. Why do the ones who believe that it is ok for this to happen believe the way they do? Why are some people opposed to this way of dying? We are going to begin this paper by looking at the opposing side of this topic. Many people on the side against assisted suicides believe that we as a society have a moral duty to protect those that are innocent. Others believe that any laws that sanction assisted suicides on the basis of mercy and compassion would eventually lead to someone making the decision of who lives or who dies, based on how they feel about the worth of another’s life. The biggest argument against the legalizing of assisted suicides in this country is the fact that it is simply against the law. The Supreme Court has not ruled that a person has a fundamental right to die, there for taking of someone’s life is plain and simply…show more content…
I am not against it and I am not for it. I am however for the right to make that decision if the time comes. To know that my father, in as much pain as he was in, would have wanted to end his pain and suffering but because someone sitting in a seat of power has decided that he knows what is better for others. To know that he would have had to suffer due to this, now that would have upset me. There should never be government red tape involved when it comes to someone’s life. How can they tell someone how they are to be born or how they are to
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