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Aboriginal Remains Fight Resolved After twenty years of fighting the London Natural History Museum, the Tasmanian Aboriginal people have had seventeen of their ancestors remains returned to their native land, in April of 2008. The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC) was the main group fighting for the return of the remains. This is a huge relief for the Tasmanian Aboriginal tribe, because they believed the dead are souls in torment until properly buried. In 1788 the British conquered the continent of Australia, but they did not conquer an uninhabited continent. There were around 350,000 indigenous people living in Australia. These people were split up into 250 individual indigenous nations. These people were called Australian Aborigines.…show more content…
We gain knowledge of their past through Aboriginal oral traditions, and archeological digs. We do know that the base for the Aboriginal belief is in the Dreaming, or the Dreamtime. The Dreaming has different meanings for different Aboriginal groups. In general the dreaming can be referred to as the timeless time of creation, when the rules governing relationships between the people, the land, and all things that pertain to Aboriginal life was created. The Aborigines believed that every person’s soul exist forever, in an important way, in the Dreaming. The souls exist in the Dreaming before the life of an individual, and after their life. Aborigines have a very special connection with everything in the environment. They believe all plants and animals were souls in the Dreaming. They believe the souls took on physical forms of plants and animals, so Aborigines believe they have a special connection, because they believe they were created the same way. They are one with nature because in a way they share the same souls. They treat nature respectfully because they want nature’s kindness in return. If they respect nature than nature will reward them with things like

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