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* Defining worthwhile arguments: * How do we determine if an argument is good or not? * Should have interest * This deals with the subject topic * Should be well written * Provides evidence * Does so in a neutral fashion * Easiest way to break down the argument into smaller and smaller portions * Deconstruction * First, consider the subject * Start by reading through the entire argument and then determine the thesis * Thesis will prove invaluable * What makes a good thesis? * Focused, clarity, narrow, objective, should be apparent., declarative, powerful, and originality * How the argument focuses on the thesis * Notice how the appeals are used * But, logos is used most often * Proper evidence is given * Quotes, facts, data, and research * Should all be categorized in a uniform, organized manner * Usually, the best arguments build up over time * While all three appeals are important, the argument should never overload itself * Too broad and imprecise * Look for correctness, appropriateness, and ornament * Grammar * Appeals, audience * Rhetorical devices * Starting a writing process * You will need to make an objective statement about the paper’s worthiness or lack thereof (thesis) * Make sure and introduce your thesis * Use hooks * Organize your reasoning into specific categories * If you looked mainly at the appeals, for instance, break the paper up into

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