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Patricia Chandler Carol Martinson ENC0025 10 October 2011 Argument Essay “Does Boredom Lead to Trouble” Boredom, how would you define boredom as? One who owns everything from A-Z but feels void at mind and soul, or one who owns little or no material things but intend to seek a turning point? To define what boredom is really raises inquisitive questions, of which the definition of boredom is rather speculative itself. Some says boredom is the gateway to trouble, some says it is an escapade from being nothing to do. With no exception, many believe that boredom leads to trouble. From my point of view, boredom is more than what u think and it doesn’t necessarily lead to trouble. It is important to recognize to what degree is the boredom and how it is being perceived and managed. Boredom happens at any point in your life, because you think there are hardly any value in the things you You do or you find it unchallengeable. You may also catch boredom by doing the same thing or having The same routine every day and are feeling jaded that you don’t have the boost to do the things that Are available for you to do. You simply do not want to get out of your COMFORT ZONE. To reduce Boredom, you tend to choose to go with the flow but often, you go with the wrong flow and end up Fizzled. Boredom can lead to trouble if it is not being wielded wisely. Therefore, it is important that you Scratch beneath the surface and tackle the root of boredom advisedly. Keep in mind that boredom is One of the cornerstones of health risks. Surprisingly, boredom can be a motivator. It is important that one identify how one catches boredom. Is It you who contributes boredom to yourself or is it because of external forces that made you into the State of boredom? Sometimes when we lose motivation, our minds are closed to new ideas and we Would only consider

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