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A detailed statement regarding the recent events. I had at the time recently been a victim of the theft of three pairs of trainers, a gold ring, DVDs and a specialised battery pack. Before this incident I had not before had the problem of theft, especially as I was friends with 99% of the house and school and I generally kept my property locked away. I even used leave a pound coin on my desk so as to have an idea of whether someone had been, “snooping through my stuff. The information if it went missing would be much more valuable than the pound itself as I would have an idea of how much I was to be at risk of theft. I believe even Mr Rowe our housemaster did this test once in the main common room. This all led me to believe that If on the rare occasion I did accidentally leave something around, the chances of it being stolen would be minimal. I was later to be proved indiscriminately wrong as a flurry of consecutive thefts arose. I was in disarray as I now had no personal footwear, entertainment or anything of sentimental value left. I do understand that the school do advise pupils not to bring anything of personal or materialistic value to school. However for me this is an unfavourable option as I spend most of my time at school so would therefore have no access to it. Making my possessions useless to me. The fact that all of the items had more or less been stolen at the same time made me believe that it was either the same person or people working together. I thought through the options I had to deal with this which were at first the schools own procedure. From past experiences the schools own procedure does not in any way shape or form help, in either getting the items back or catching the perpetrator. The first school procedure is lockdown; all entertainment provided by the house is taken away as the same for late nights and special suppers. This meaning

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