Argumentative Thesis Essay

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Atgumentative Thesis- 4 with any one, due to her state (Shepard,2006). Michael Schiavo and others argued that Terri was in a persistent vegetative state by using the definition of this condition. According to Shepard, "the term persistent vegetative state is used to describe patients who had after trauma to the brain, entered into a state of unconsciousness marked by periods of wakefulness (Shepard,2006,p. 636). In contrast to what Michael Schiavo believed, someone who is observed to be in a persistent vegetative state is perceived to be unconscious, there are no tests today that are able to prove that someone is unable to think or hear, only that he or she is unable to express themselves (Carpenter, 2000, cited www.tenifi, 2005). as Unlike those who believed she would never recover, her family and those that are in favor for Terri's life, agree that she may have been in a persistent vegetative state, but it could have been prevented if she were allowed the treatment and rehabilitation granted to her after her accident (, 2005). Terri Schiavo's parents tried defend their daughter's life by having several physicians testifu for Terri, stating that she was not in a persistent vegetative state, even towards the last years of her life (George, 2005). Examples of such statements are quoted here by Dr. Jay Carpenter when he was observing Mrs. Schinlder with her daughter Terri, "It was obvious that she was aware of her surroundings, and capable of responding to her environment. Her responses to her mother were not merely reflexive" (Carpenter,2000, as cited in, 2005). They also argue that even though she may have been in what some call persistent vegetative state, her soul and spirit still may have been functioning, something that cannot be proven by technology
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