Argumentative Synthesis on Robots

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The films “Living with Robots” (n.d.) and “The $400,000 Robot That’ll Get You a Beer” (2011) convinced me that robots are a necessity to us as humans. To some people, robots can be a frightening thing. The more human-like they are, the scarier they may be. However, there is no doubt that robots are an essential and beneficial part of our lives. They will become even more useful and prevalent in the future. Robots serve many purposes in our daily lives. Robots can even save lives. Rescue robots are used to do exactly what their name infers. They are used after disasters to rescue people . Robots are also used for heart surgery. The surgeon will use a console and the motion is translated into the robots movements. It is the least invasive way to perform this surgery which means that people can recover and leave the hospital sooner (“Living”, n.d.). Honda has created a robot that they call Asimo. They started development of this two-legged robot in 1986 and it took 10 years to get it to walk on its own. They have studied walking for 20 years. This research has led to their walking assist device which supports peoples’ weight and therefore reduces the strain on their legs (“Living”, n.d.). A robot called PR2 has also been developed. It has been used to work around people and do everyday tasks such as fold towels, bake cookies, make pancakes, get drinks and even to play pool. Robots like this could benefit us in the future with aiding people in home care. Possibly allowing some people to avoid having to go to a nursing home when it becomes difficult for them to take care of themselves (“$400,000”, 2011). Whatever fears that people may have about robots, most of which are unreasonable, the benefits of using them far outweigh the concerns that come with them. Robots are rescuing people, performing surgeries, helping people walk and helping people
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