Argumentative (Sin Tax Bill) Essay

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Sin Tax Bill Should Be Legalized The Sin Tax Bill has been an issue among Filipinos. It is an important issue because it concerns health, money, and responsibility. Nowadays, the number of cigarette smokers and alcohol drinkers is increasing. In fact there are a lot of young people under the age of 18 years old in our country who smoke and who drink hard. This bill is an effective way to influence smokers and liquor drinkers to refrain from doing so. The bill implements higher tax for cigarettes and liquors. When the tax charged is high, the price increases too. This affects the demand of cigarettes and liquors. Since most Filipinos are thrift in spending their money, the cigarette smokers and liquor drinkers will most likely to avoid buying and lessen the use of it. If the tax will be increased, it will induce people to be more responsible and more disciplined. This bill advocates healthier lifestyle. The lesser sticks of cigarette and lesser bottles of liquor would give more number of years to live. There is a lesser chance of getting diseases. There will also be a better life on the way. There will be an improvement in self-behavior. There will be more discipline for oneself. There will be more time for the family to spend with during times when one uses it to smoke cigarettes or drink liquors. The Sin Tax Bill should be legalized because of the increasing number of morality among people due to inhalation of harmful chemicals from cigarettes and due to high dosage of alcohol. It should be legalized responsibly and strictly so that law breakers will be penalized. The bill will help not just our country’s economy but also save our fellowmen’s lives. It will also teach the people on how to spend the money at the right

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