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NCAA College Football Playoffs Michael D. Cruz Post University NCAA College Football Playoffs College Sports in America are a huge part of most people’s lives and in a way sports defines American culture. There are a lot of important topics related to sports and one of them is a change in NCAA College Football Bowl Championship Series to the College Playoff System that will decide which team is the number one college football team in the country. College football is currently based on a rating system that determines which team is to play in a specific bowl game and what two teams are selected to play against one another for a national title. Recently the CPS has been approved with much debate as to which system is better for the direction of college football. Every sporting event is competitive and it is important that the system reflects competitiveness while fairly recognizing the best. The BCS system is a series of five college football bowl games that features teams selected by different qualifications and polls where only two selected teams face each other for the national title. (, 2013). The BCS has been around for 12 years marking the 2013 season the last of the BCS system and being replaced in 2014 by the CPS. (, 2013). There are several substantial reasons why the BCS system needed to be replaced with the CPS and why a playoff system is better for such a large sporting attraction with a great amount of teams, players, and fan base. The BCS system consisted of establishing rankings of eligible teams by two different polls, the Harris Interactive Poll and the Coaches Poll. (, 2013). The Harris Interactive Poll consists of 105 voting members who vote using a point system to determine rankings from 1 to 25 beginning every year on October 13 and

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