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Andrew Kaiser Professor Desjardins English 101 December 3, 2009 Desired change One of the most watched sports in America is college football. Some people prefer to watch college sports over pro sports because of many different reasons; One of many reasons being they are not getting paid to go out there and play every single week like pro athletes do. With the players playing for their future, that makes watching college football a lot better than watching some multimillion dollar player playing for a super bowl ring. There have been many debates and arguments over rules and the set up of college football, but the most recent uproar has been about adding to the playoff system like in pro football instead of many bowl games. Because there are several problems with the post season system in college football, the NCAA needs to make changes to it. College football started in England back in the 1840’s. After a small number of years, it was brought to Canada by British soldiers, which soon after led to football being played in Canadian colleges. The first documented match among two American colleges was played in 1869 when Rutgers University and Princeton University played one another in New Brunswick, New Jersey. This sport was very brutal through the 19th century, which caused President Theodore Roosevelt threatens to a ban from the sport because of players severe injuries led to a quantity of deaths. Even with the National Football League starting, college football continued as the most admired and watched sport in America. (College Football Encyclopedia). Uniquely, college football is the lone sport played currently that does not incorporate a playoff system. Since 1998, the National Championship has been decided by the Bowl Championship Series. Throughout the season, to determine who is in what ranking, there are an abundant of computer rankings and human

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