Argumentative Paragraph- Immgration System

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The Canadian Immigration System is a fair system that benefits Canada. Canada selects newcomers based on their degree of knowledge and work, age, arranged employment and adaptability. By doing so, Canada is able to attract skilled immigrants who will help filling shortages in the labour market as they become a very important work force in our economy and contribute to the overall economic growth. (The immigration system) Currently, Canada is depending on a large stream of immigrants which is why Canada has the seventh largest economy in the world! (Overview of economy). The Refugee Protection Act is a reasonably fair rule. This Act helps hundreds and thousands of refugees border over to Canada every year, but if Canada does not open its door to these poor people, they might as well be tortured or even persecuted at their own country because of religious believes or any other wrongful accused crimes. (Refugees) Canada is known for helping refugees and people in need of protection and assistance which was why The United Nations decided to reward Canada with the “Nansen Medal” for its generosity and humanitarian efforts. (Clark 198). The points system offers consistency, simplicity and efficiency towards the selection of immigrants which is usually based on an assessment of skills that could contribute our country’s economic wellbeing. Not only it is easier for the Citizenship and Immigration staff to select the ideal candidates, but also makes it fair in a way that everyone is judged in the same manner. It is such a great system that Australia, UK and many other countries are trying to adapt it too! Consistency and efficiency in choosing the ideal candidates for our country is an important factor in making it a non-biased immigration system. From the early years to the new century, Canada has been opening its doors to friends all over the world. New Canadians have
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