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Why Shoot? Today is the day that I fire my first gun. Today is the day that I am able to continue the tradition of my family’s manhood evaluation by using a simple firearm. Today is the day that I begin to understand my father constant infatuation with these small but deadly weapons. But would I truly understand what today would bring? Now is a week past my eighteenth birthday, and a Madison’s family tradition requires a boy at this age to go through the path to the life of a man. In a few moments, my father and I would be on our way to purchase the ticket to my manhood. Ever since my childhood, I was completely aware of this duty but I never wrapped my mind around this “life-changing” process at all. Guns always were a recurring element in my life because it runs deep within my immediate family, especially my father. He is a huge influence as his life…show more content…
But I do understand one part of it and that is the purpose of those action heroes on televisions created by Hollywood standards. They all wanted to protect the innocent and, in order to do it, they had to kill the villains using deadly weapons such as guns. From this aspect, justification of guns can be possible since protection is a constant need in our society. That is why our town’s police force sends a changeless message that they would always protect the town by having their holsters visible as the sun at day and the moon at night. Maybe that is a positive thing from the usage of guns: protection and security. But nevertheless, the invention of guns created a more need for protection in the first place since they all are not used for heroic purposes. Like I touched upon earlier, death is related to guns and the abrupt end of life is never fully positive. A paradox seem to be parallel to guns very existence. So I still don't fully understand their needs to even exist in the first place. The questions just continue to pile up more and
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