Argumentative Essay: The United States Of Obesity

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Tanner Ewing Steffen Guenzel EN 102-41 4/25/12 Paper 5 final draft The United States of Obesity Imagine strolling down the aisles of your local grocery store, adding the items you will need for the next week. Chances are your choices were made from the colorful packaging design, a catch phrase like “made with real milk”, or you saw their commercial on TV. You probably failed to notice the nutritional menu, serving size and ingredients listed on the back. Your item might have 120 calories and 8 grams of fat and that is just the first serving. If your serving count is 4 then you really have 480 calories and 32 grams of fat. Lack of this kind of knowledge is a major contributor to the obesity plague that is taking over America. Over 35%…show more content…
Furthermore, there are a plethora of healthy resources available to the public from social media, books and television. There are also professional dietitians and your local doctor who can help setup a healthy lifestyle regime that can be customized for the individual themselves. There is simply too much information about health and fitness to let obesity climb in numbers, therefore a tough love method must be applied in order to salvage the health care crisis and most importantly to get Americans…show more content…
With a little time spent on researching healthy foods and noticing the vast difference between healthy, organic products and mass produced, saturated products, you now know what items to choose from. Instead of picking the family size Doritos bag, you opt for the gluten free rice crackers. By this first step you could go on to having a weekly workout routine with your diet and not only battle obesity, but defeat it. Obesity is claimed as a disease and is toppling our health care system, thus our government needs to abolish this claim and focus on promoting healthy lifestyles and alleviating the cost burden on hospitals and taxpayers. Works Cited I. Hellmich, Nanci. "Rising Obesity Will Cost U.S. Health Care $344 Billion a Year." USA Today. Gannett, 11 Nov. 2009. Web. 25 Apr. 2012. . II. "Take Action For Obesity in America." America's Health Rankings and United Health Foundation. Web. 25 Apr. 2012. . III. Preidt, Robert. “Obese Workers’ Health Care Costs Top Those of Smokers.” Medline Plus. 13 April 2012. Web. 22 April 2012. IV. Finkelstein, Erik, Trogdon, Justin, Cohen, Joel and Dietz, William. “Annual Medical Spending Attribute To Obesity: Payer-And-Service-Specific Estimates.” Health Affairs. 28, no. 5. 27 July 2009. Web. 23 April 2012. V. “Obesity Related Statistics in America.” Get America Fit Foundation. Web. 24 April 2012. VI. “Obesity & Genetics.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease

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