Argumentative Essay: The Right To Bear Arms In America

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The Right to Bear Arms in America As we read to very concerned short stories about the right to bear arms, I came to the conclusion that the Bills of Rights need to be altered to fit today’s lifestyle and environment. As they were introduced by James Madison to the First United States Congress in 1789 as a series of legislative articles that came into effect as Constitutional Amendments on December 15, 1791. I realized that these bills tailored the 1700’s lifestyle perfect and because today we live in a more controlled environment and they should be re-written o adjust to the lifestyles of a modern day civil person. Overall I agree with Warren E. Burger’s short writing of “The Right to bear arms” in that we should have stricter laws to prevent such radical and cruel sabotages that people have done within the last 30 years. McGraths article talked mostly about the bill, A God-given natural right, which basically states that we have all means necessary to defend ourselves. Now that doesn’t mean we all have to carry s shotgun around with us. Just interpret that law as you must;…show more content…
They also carried weapons on them for protection against Indians or wildlife that lived all around them. There was also some thought about over-regulation weapons; however, to most people this in a breach in the 1st Amendment. From what I gathered I believe we should regulate more regularly. If we keep hounding people with tax and registration on weapons they will become tiresome and just want to give up their weapons and overall will lower the crime rate of accidents with weapons involved. The last dozen or so attacks have been involved with teenagers or young adults with medical issues, now if we had a more serious approach on issuing licenses to legitimate people I believe we can lower the crime rate with weapons in our

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