Argumentative Essay: The Problem With The Penny

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It has been aptly stated by many philosophers today, that everything must come to and end. If we are to look at the United States Mint, much has come to the end. The two cent, the half dollar coin and the two dollar bill are only a few in the many US denominations discontinued by the federal Mint. In current news the penny is a hot discussion topic because it seems that its discontinuation is just around the corner. By looking at statistical evidence on Americans using the penny and the amounts used and discarded, even how it is formed, the penny isn't worth a cent. So the only real solution is to cut production of the nostalgic penny. A major problem with the penny is how many people use them for every transaction. In source B 27% of the population in the U S does not even keep track of loose change. The penny is one of the more common items of change because of our taxes. As that portion of the population grows more pennies are laid to waste "behind chair cushions or the back of sock drawers" (Source C) helping to prove the…show more content…
In the past, such as the penny in 1793 on source G, it was a simple design for a simple denomination. Looking at the penny now, it's very intricate, taking 100s of hours shaping cutting and creating the dies for the penny press. This makes the material value of each penny different because each new die can only be used so many times. But with a simple die such as the example in 1793 the cost of producing it would go down! However, it is not just the looks but the materials. The combination of copper and zinc is worth more than what the penny stands for and while making the design simpler would lower the cost, the price of the elements to create them is too high. So our small Abraham Lincoln's look great, they hold no real value because of the elements used to produce them and should slowly be phased

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