Argumentative Essay: The Chicago Drive-By Case

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Chicago Drive-By In Chicago March 11, 2013 a six month-old girl was shot in a drive-by. The six month old infant who was shot along with her father in Chicago’s South Side of town was rush to the hospital.The six month- old Jonylah Watkins was shot five times as her father, 29- year old Jonathan Watkins, changed her diaper in the front seat of a van at the family’s home, in the 6500 block of South Maryland Avenue in woodlawn area around 12:48 p.m. on Monday( “6 month-old” 1). A gunman approached the pair and opened fire, hitting Jonylah in her lung, liver, leg, and shoulder. The father, Jonthan Watkins, was struck several times with bullets in the drive-by shooting. Police suspect that the dad was a member of Gangster Disciples gang(Chicago

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