Argumentative Essay: The Case Of O Neal

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When Miami made the Shaquille O’Neal trade last year, Shaq did what he does best… Run his mouth. He called Wade “Wonder Boy”, said that part of his problem in Miami was that he was playing alongside Chris Quinn and Ricky Davis, and that the HEAT medical staff never knew what was wrong with him. Shall we say that the HEAT had something to prove to O’Neal? As much as Chris Quinn and Wade might say it wasn’t.. It was. and You could see it in Wade’s eye that he was there to prove the Big cactus wrong. Shawn Marion got a huge ovation from the beloved crowed in Phoenix…. O’Neal, don’t expect the same when we see you again in March down here in South Beach… “Go Ahead, boo me. I dont care, My feelings can’t get hurt” said O’Neal. Well, we shall see…show more content…
Mario has a terrific sense of defense, and that’s something that Erik Spoelstra has been preaching to this team. Chalmers had 5 Steals to go with 13 Points and 2 assists. He is a pain in the defensive end, Raja Bell and him almost got into a heated argument in the 3rd quarter after Bell stole the ball from him and Chalmers with his defensive swagger took it back. Many people ha said that Mario is inconsistent but I think that he has finally matured to the PG Miami needs, sure, he’s not the perfect PG yet but better then he was on the opening night. Tough Night: Michael Beasley The second overall pick in the NBA Draft, by far had the worst game of his young career. Zero points in 13 minutes of play. He did not start for the 1st time in his career, had only 2 steals, and 5 rebounds.. Beasley is learning that the NBA game is not the same game he played at Kansas State. Here in the pros Mike, the players deserve to be in it, in college not all players on the court deserve to be on it. I’m sure that Beasley is going to shake this game off and come back to the starting rotation tomorrow. Lights Out performance: Leandro

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