Argumentative Essay- School Education

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Abstract Are computers taken over the service sector jobs? How should teachers prepare their students for the job markets and world? Can we fix education to prepare students for a job when leaving college or high school? Does education truly matter in the job market? Argument In today’s world there are many jobs that are being taken over by computers. I believe that schooling should be more technical where students are learning more about the field they are wanting to work in when leaving school instead of students learning the basic school curriculum they doesn’t and will not prepare a student for college or the job of their choice. Blinder, Davidson, and Krugman all have something in common; they feel that education should prepare students for their job of their choosing and feel that education should be reformed in the public school system. Education first starts with the parents by preplanning and helping their children’s dreams come true. By doing this and taking away from common core we can get back to the real education. How can we fix education, what needs to be done in order to train these students for their job field, and should we reform schools to better prepare our students for the real world? Education can be fixed by the school district taking the time to listen to those that are trying to prepare students for the real world. We need to take politics out of education and allow teachers to educate our students. When we have too many chefs in the kitchen the system tends to fail because of it being crowded. The teachers are seen to be teaching the test instead of educating the students on the material to allow the students to develop their own thought process because that’s how the real world works; life isn’t handed on a silver platter. There are many things that need to be done in order to allow teachers to educate students about the job
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