Argumentative Essay: Panhandling Issues In America

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“Panhandling Issues in America” Panhandlers are typically found in major cities across the United States. There are two types of panhandlers which are passive and aggressive panhandling. Passive panhandling is when a person is holding a sign, sitting somewhere with their hand held out or are just simply sitting there with a cup. Aggressive panhandling is when the panhandler steps in your walking way, asks for money close to an ATM, panhandling at night or threatening somebody if they do not give them any money. Panhandlers usually have a sign stating what they are in need for. This usually attracts people into feeling sorry for them and gives them the loose change they have. Pedestrians walking down the street may usually think that the panhandlers…show more content…
In my opinion, panhandling should be legal. If there is someone being an aggressive panhandler, they should be fined or imprisoned for harassment, not panhandling. People that are in need of money for food, rent, personal hygiene products and other things that are important, should be able to freely sit or stand with a sign asking for money. If someone does not want to give to them, they should accept that and not beg them to give them some money. Tourists normally look down on panhandlers because they do not like to be harassed while they are on vacation. If they follow laws for aggressive panhandling such as staying away from ATM’s, not panhandling at night, block a passer-by’s walk way or verbally threaten a person for not giving them any money, then there would be less concerns on panhandling. Therefore, if a panhandler is minding their own business and not bothering anyone, police shouldn’t be harassing them for trying to raise money they need to survive. I believe it does violate their First Amendment Rights and it should not be banned. The local police should not be focused on arresting people not causing any harm; they should be more focused on arresting the people committing more serious

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