Argumentative Essay on Universal Healthcare vs Private Responsibility

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D. Crawford Alicia K. Hatcher Eng 112 March 18,2013 Private healthcare insurance for all, or universal free health care? Although health care is a universal need, unfortunately not all citizens are able to afford it. Not to mention government has proved that it's difficult to balance the healthcare budget; and the costs of medical healthcare is steadily increasing. Should we as Americans be totally responsible for our own health costs and eliminate private insurance? Or should we have an encompassing healthcare system which provides free service for all? I personally believe private insurance is the way to go due to the wide array of benefits it offers. According to, private insurance affords several benefits to the policy holder. There are options for coverage and a choice of physicians. Patients are able to choose preferred medical treatment facilities and/or clinics with private healthcare. In turn, rival companies often raise the bar on competition amongst the companies themselves, hospitals, and the doctors providing the care. This rival is often a catalyst to provide high-quality service to the patient. Private insurance also often results in patients being seen promptly. My personal experience has even afforded me proof of the wait times. I can recall times when I did not have insurance and had to wait for what seemed like forever at the emergency room as opposed to when I had insurance and was seen promptly. In 2006, the private health industry proved to be one of the largest in the United States. Insurance companies, hospitals, and care facilities combine to make the private health care field an employee of thousands of people ( . In addition, policy holders who pay insurance fees can be viewed as a practical action to ease off the government's financial burden that comes with providing universal healthcare. To

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