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My sister has a hearing guide dog as she is almost 100% deaf and her dog Max is with her to help her when she is in danger due to the noises she cannot hear. She uses our Public Transit system to travel to for appointments, etc. Twice now, she has not been allowed on the bus due to her dog. The drivers have stated to her that animals are not allowed on buses. Max wears a bright orange vest clearly stating that he is a hearing guide dog. Max provides my sister with a means to be out in public and be safe while she is. Both times that she was refused a ride on the public transit someone came to her aid and she was able to get on the bus, much to the dismay of the bus driver. She made calls to the head office of the Grand River Transit to inform them of the difficulties she’s had. She doesn’t want the bus drivers disciplined, she wants them to be better trained and informed of the rules regarding ridership with service dogs. On May…show more content…
Service dogs are not pets. They are working dogs who serve a purpose to their owners. If the dogs are wearing their vests, which are color coded to the disability of the person they are with, it means they are working. Therefore, the dog and the person with the dog are permitted to go anywhere any other person may go such as a restaurant or to ride a bus to their destination. There are many disabilities that are using service dogs to help people. These people should be given the same respect and compassion as able-bodied people; they should not be turned away and be discriminated against. Every business that deals with customer service should receive training on how to deal with situations like this so they can make the proper decision and not make the disabled person feel like they are a burden to our

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