Argumentative Essay On Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia: A Devastating Illness Any mental illness can leave a great impact on one’s relationships within a family, but a significant illness is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a compelling illness that over one percent of the world’s population live with on a daily bases (Wenner1). Having a family member who is affected by schizophrenia is difficult and often times painful ordeal that requires many different courses of action. Schizophrenia is an illness that disturbs one’s emotions, thought processes, and behavior that can leave long permanent damage on a family. A mental illness as severe as schizophrenia is usually only known by the people that are affiliated and affected by the disease directly. In order to help the outsiders…show more content…
Some families perceive hospitalization as a relief because they know their loved one is receiving help but others might feel that they failed in trying to help with the disorder (Walsh 98). When a schizophrenic is first admitted into a hospital they are tested and observed as soon as possible. For many schizophrenics their stay at a hospital is usually no longer then seven months if and in those cases they are usually in a severe mental and unstable condition (Winbow 1). Patients who are in great denial and unstable conditions with their illness are usually wanting to leave a care facility but doctors were able to form The Mental Health Act, which gives doctors the ability to keep certain patients in treatment for as long as they think it’s needed for. In I Know This Much Is True the novel by Wally Lamb, the Mental Health Act was exposed for the hospitalization of the schizophrenic twin Thomas. Doctors wanted the twin to remain in treatment so it was Dominick’s responsibility to get him out. Dominick had been alerted that sexual abuse within the hospital was taking place concerning Thomas and knew this isn’t the way he should be treated. Within this fiction novel there are probably many other cases that occur such as one’s exactly like Thomas’s. But family members don’t know what they should believe, the mentally ill or the treatment centers that probably don’t know what is going
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