Argumentative Essay On Pro Immigration

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Pro-Immigration The American nation is referred to as the “nation of immigrants.” America is known for the land, where many immigrants come from. The majority of immigrants come from Mexico. America is very diverse compared to other countries in the world. There are many discussions about immigrants who come to America and threaten the American life by creating unemployment in the US and take jobs from American workers. These arguments may seem to be valid to many people; however, they are almost overwhelmingly false. President George W. Bush’s Council of Economic advisors has confirmed that 90% of the US-born population benefits from the presence of immigrants (Gold 409). Immigrants contribute to America’s economy, retirement system, and highly demanded workforce skills. Immigrants contribute to the American economy by increasing the share of jobs overall. They take jobs in labor-limited regions, and…show more content…
The New York Times claimed that, “When immigrants do take jobs, they’re hard workers” (Preston and Connelly a1). Therefore, it greatly contributes to America’s retirement system. The presence of immigrants also contributes to America’s long term population growth, necessary to stabilize the overall retirement fund. The Springer Science and Business Media’s journal states that some other countries in the world suffer from the labor shortages and a demographic crunch, in which a very small number of workers will be expected to pay the retirement and health care for elderly people (Gold 409). The ratio of retired people to workers is expected to dramatically increase in the coming decades, which would result in significant changes in the Security System of America’s retirement money. Immigrants, with their children and younger relatives, will introduce a younger workforce, which can slow down the increase of this very important
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