Argumentative Essay On Physician Assisted Suicide

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“Physician Assisted Suicide" SOC120 Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility Shannon Sellers October 21, 2013 Should a person be allowed to ask for physician assistance to terminate their own life? This question strikes a moral debate that does not have a clear answer. Autonomy gives individuals the right to make medical decisions relating to their course of care. If a person determines they do not want life sustaining measures taken physicians are required to respect this even knowing it may result in death. When it comes to the decision to end one’s life due to a terminal illness with unmanageable pain a physician is not allowed to assist one in dying. How is one of these situations different from the other? Can one be morally and ethically right and the other wrong? “The two basic moral arguments in favor physician assisted death focus on suffering and autonomy.” (Menzel, 2012) Why would a terminally ill patient be denied the right to ask for assistance in death? When death is imminent and a person is in unmanageable pain they should have the right to decide to end their own life with assistance. When pain and suffering cannot be eased many feel that death is the only escape. This is not…show more content…
A physician is supposed to do no harm. If they cannot prevent suffering and the person has a terminal illness with a low life expectancy how is it determined they are doing no harm by keeping them alive? The Hippocratic Oath has been rewritten many times to allow for different cultures but it still states the same. A physician will not do harm. Determining what is considered harm is the part of this debate that cannot be easily decided. “According to Kant, our capacity to be moral agents depends on our ability to make individual choices and to respect the choices of others.” (Friend, 2011) With what Kant has stated it’s been determined it is not moral for a physician to assist in
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