Argumentative Essay On Only One Political Party

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Last Tuesday the College of Democrats and the College of Republicans engaged in a debate, where overall it was a success for only one political party. Deagan Williams, a sophomore, political science major and the President of the Campbell University College of Democrats, explained that the debate went extremely well and he was satisfied with the overall turnout. Only one political party, being the College of Democrats had officially won the debate, but the College of Republicans claims that they truly pulled out the victory. Valerie Procopico, a chairman of the College of Republicans at Campbell said “I’m very proud of the College of Republicans for pulling out our second victory over the College of Democrats in the debate.” Since…show more content…
Procopio says “Instead of patting ourselves on the back for our victory, the College Republicans continued with business as usual following the debate. Just as all clubs on campus are required to do each semester, we did a service project being Operation Christmas Child. We filled shoeboxes on Wednesday with items donated by our College of Representatives, including toys, notebooks, toothbrushes, and other items. While much of what we do as a College of Representatives chapter is politics related, it was great to come together in service ahead of the Christmas season.” Overall, both political parties had much success during the student debate, and in the eyes of both political parties, they won. Kessler says “I enjoyed the debate, and was very interested in what each of the parties had to say in response to the questions. Although the College of Democrats won, the College of Republicans had a victory

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